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Reference: MP0014

Insola Foam Cleaner

FEATURES: Yield - 500 ml Color - Colorless Consistency - Aerosol Ambient operating temperature   -10°C to +30°C ADVANTAGES: Effectively removes the remains of uncured polyurethane foam Cleans with one or more short clicks Cleaning tools such as foam guns and others Degreases the surface well

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Reference: MP0011

Glue INSOLA Styro Fix Home

One-component polyurethane adhesive for fastening insulating panels on facades, foundations, as well as inside the building. Excellent adhesion to many building materials: polystyrene insulation boards (NEOPOR, EPS, XPS), polyurethane boards (PIR), phenolic foam boards (PF), wood, concrete, masonry blocks, ceramic and stone mass tiles, metal, gypsum, OSB,...

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Reference: MP0003

INSOLA Montblanc 70

One-component polyurethane mounting foam for professional sealing of windows and doors. It is characterized by increased elasticity, particularly high yield, as well as fast setting. The foam has good structure and low secondary expansion.

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